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Dive into our full DISH review for more information on channel selection, Hopper capabilities, and set-up process. There are a number of cable TV options out there, and most can be bundled with some kind of internet service package. Unlike the satellite TV companies, Xfinity offers no-contract plans. Also, keep in mind that promotional pricing usually requires a minimum one-year contract. Xfinity has plenty to watch out for. Make sure to ask about any additional fees that may apply before you sign up.

Look, Xfinity offers a lot of great things, but a good customer service experience is just not one of them. To be fair, Xfinity has many brick-and-mortar locations for customer service and our experience dealing with an Xfinity rep. For more details on packages, equipment, and our experience, read our full review of Xfinity. Xfinity fees can vary based on contract details and promotions.

Well, Spectrum has something to say about that. When we went through the ordering process for Spectrum and got all the way to the checkout, we realized we never got to choose which DVR we wanted. That was our first tip-off that Spectrum DVR is nothing to write home about. What, are you going to watch a grainy recording of the Super Bowl? We think not. For channel information, equipment selection, and more detailed pricing, check out our full review of Spectrum. You can then add on Paks of additional channel options.

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Cox also charges more for its DVR services than competitors like Xfinity, even though both have similar capabilities. Like Xfinity, Verizon Fios TV offers no-contract options, though you do need to bundle it with internet. Like we said, Verizon Fios TV offers contract-free TV, but that also means its monthly prices are some of the highest around. Verizon also has a lot of additional fees because of course it does—pretty much all TV providers do.

Check out more details on what Verizon Fios has to offer. Verizon Fios fees can vary based on contract details and promotions. Pricing and channel counts are subject to change. Not all offers available in all areas.

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Prices for the individual channels on other packages have returned to normal. You can cancel anytime. We ran into a weird issue when we tried pausing a livestream. It let us pause our show because when you gotta go, you gotta go , but when we tried to resume, the app skipped us ahead to the livestream.

Sling TV truly understands what cord-cutting is all about: saving money without missing out on your shows. The magic of Sling TV is in the small channel packages and in your heart. With a low entry price comes a smaller selection of channels. Hulu with Live TV is the best of both worlds—lots of live channels and even more on-demand streaming.

Nothing good on TV? As for cloud DVR, your subscription comes with 50 hours of storage included. No thank you. First of all, good for you. Life is too short to watch commercials all the time. You get unlimited cloud DVR with your subscription, which means you can go record literally anything and everything you want. You should never have to watch another State Farm commercial again. When you combine the powers of unlimited cloud DVR storage and a strong channel lineup, YouTube is easily one of the best streaming services available.

Check out all the other details in our YouTube TV review. Needless to say, the household became much more somber after that moment. Most other streaming services do carry VH1, though, so you can be prepared for when a new episode of Drag Race drops. And about that cloud DVR.

We talk about fuboTV in detail, covering channel add-ons, equipment, pricing, and more, in our fuboTV review. It really starts with the attention to detail. This makes it easier to differentiate live content vs. You also get free DVR service with PlayStation Vue and can store an unlimited number of shows for up to a month before they get automatically deleted. We really like the recording features that PlayStation Vue offers, but the downside is that you can only record one show at a time.


Going with a satellite provider generally gives you more HD channels than cable or livestreaming especially movie channels. Satellite is also available in many rural areas where cable is not. Cable is all about consistency. Livestreaming relies on your internet service. In order to stream content, you need an internet connection fast enough to handle it. This means if you live in a more rural area, you may not get a strong enough internet connection to livestream TV. The most common reasons for unhappy customers and with TV providers, there are a lot of them usually lie within the contract.

We want these providers to be more transparent and up-front about these things. Make sure to ask your provider about early termination fees before you sign, just in case. The comments about Spectrum DVRs are not accurate based on our experience. We have Spectrum previously Time Warner and our DVR allows us to record 4 channels simultaneously not 2 while watching a fifth channel.

Substantially fewer channels are available on the Spectrum app when accessed via the internet; however, this is shortfall can largely be made up by downloading the apps for individual channels such as HBO Go, Show Anytime, Max Go, etc. On the negative side, Spectrum is expensive and the internet speeds never measure up to what they advertise. In fairness, most people I talk to all seem to have the same complaint about their service provider.

And, of course, the customer service generally stinks.

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Best Fiber TV. Best Live TV Streaming. See pricing, channels, packages, equipment, and more from brand-name TV providers. Tyler Abbott.

See all articles. Sep 30, The TV industry is changing. We did it! The Best TV Providers of Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change. Price increases for months Some packages require a 1-year contract. But hey, you can always sign up for a Netflix subscription. Over 50 of them are just music channels. Download Spotify instead and get unlimited music for free. You can add that.

Or how about some Spanish-speaking channels? You can add those too. It all depends on how much you plan on recording. If not, you might want a cable provider with a cheaper DVR. And our first impression was so positive. And if Spectrum increases the price on you after a year, you may want to.