How to use coupon code in magento

Is there a work around this?

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Hi Thomas. Thanks for your question.

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So even if x amount of different coupon codes get generated by a customer clicking on the dynamic link sent to them numerous times, these are all part of the same coupon rule ID for that customer. This means you could send an email two weeks later containing an external dynamic content link with the appropriate ID for the coupon code in question, and it can still be used exclusively by any customer receiving it. Hi Neal, So to confirm, if you send a reminder email with a coupon code, it wont be the same code but will only work if the customer hasn't used their previous one already?

Hi Fiona. Yes, that's correct. Sending a reminder will result in the customer generating a new coupon code when they click on the dynamic link.

Real life examples for Magento discounts

This coupon code will work if the customer hasn't already redeemed the coupon prior to this. Hi Neal, maybe I'm missing something, but I can't really understand the logic of this service. Please help me.

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Please help me to understand the workflow of your service. Magento Open Source , 1.

In-store Coupon for Mobile Users. Enter Coupon Code in Shopping Cart.

Price Rule Coupon Code Settings. All rights reserved.

Magento coupon codes don't work anymore · Issue # · magento/magento2 · GitHub

Follow the instructions to create a shopping cart price rule. On the General Information page, do the following:. This tab is what may show up on the front-end of the website when the user applies the coupon.

We want to now create category deals. Here we will go through the process of creating a BOGO coupon that only applies if you use the coupon code and meet the required conditions. We need to proceed by filling out appropriate fields. The catch for this is that Magento only supports this type of discount only if the same item is being purchased. However, here at Ready Artwork, we do have different solutions for this problem and will be able to find a way to help.

Here we will go through the general process of creating a coupon code that works when you purchase an item with a specific attribute. This coupon code relies entirely on how your products are set up.