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I agree to receive periodical offers, newsletter, safety and recall updates from the dealership. Consent can be withdrawn at any time. Global sales rose 23 percent, to 31, units, buoyed by a redesign over the summer. But sluggish sales prompted a pause before adding more electric-only models to the lineup. Piccolo is the rare electric vehicle enthusiast who went out to buy the original BMW i3 back in , and then he added a Tesla to his garage.

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This time around, he vowed to be more frugal. The auto stars seemed to align in his favor. Americans are abandoning compact cars at a stunning pace, and that's contributed to the i3's lagging U. As a result, most EV drivers in the U. Lease rates hover at 80 percent for battery-electric cars in the U.

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When you lease a car, you're essentially paying the car company for the amount the car's value will depreciate over the life of the lease contract, broken up into monthly payments. Automakers will often low-ball the depreciation estimate to lower your payments and close the deal, but they do so at their own peril, since they'll be stuck trying to sell the car at true market value after you're done.

That's a particularly risky game with electric cars, since they depreciate so steeply. Of six different EV and plug-in hybrid models sold in March, the i3 had the lowest forecast residual value, at 27 percent of its original price after three years, according to researcher ALG.

What a $115,000 BMW M5 Costs To Lease

Even then, when they showed up to lease the cars, Kim said the dealer balked at the final price. A bunch of special perks helped pull down the price.

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He said he's certain the technology will catch on in the U. How does that work?

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