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For example, you could deliver a downloadable voucher instead of shipping a product to participants. You can also see how the plugin lists the regular price beside the group buy price to highlight how good of a deal it is. To help you display your group buy content, WooCommerce Group Buy and Deals comes with a number of widgets and shortcodes that you can use. You also get shortcodes that let you display all that same information plus one important addition:.

When a user clicks the Buy Now button on a group buy page, the product will be added to their shopping cart, just like a regular WooCommerce product. Only plugins with amazing customer reviews have been featured here. View plugin now. Want to create a group buying experience similar to Groupon? You can quickly customize the products offered, the price, how many are available, and how long the deal will be available. You can even charge them to list their deal adding another revenue stream to your internet business.

WooCommerce Daily Deals is perfect if you have an existing eCommerce store and want to generate more sales from your own products.

It provides a simple system for featuring new deals on your site every day. You can then add as many products as you want to the sale. You may want to discount an entire category or highlight just one item from your store. Since WooCommerce Daily Deals works with your own products, you never need to go out and find new deals or take a huge cut on your profits by listing on a site like Groupon.

Instead, you can simply rotate through your catalog offering deals at whatever prices you want. View plugin now Premium version. The Finale plugin specializes in adding urgency and scarcity to your eCommerce shop. It integrates especially well with WooCommerce and its existing pages. Let me explain. With the WooCommerce plugin, you can put any item on sale at any discount you want. With Finale, you can set a start and finish date for a sale.

The 10 Most Powerful Coupon Code Plugins for WordPress (Free + Premium)

I believe you cannot set a coupon for a variation in WooCommerce. Is that correct? The reason i;m asking is I wanted to make a special coupon code just for me and my partner to use. Thank you.

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Actually that should not be a concern as no one will actually land on that coupon page. That is just the default functionality of WordPress that is used for pages, posts, and post formats. Eg, want to make a page private, use that. If you were to make it private, I think that would mess things up on the usage of it if you did share it with anyone.

I know you would have to be logged in. Thank you so much.

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I was hoping that would be the response. I could find precious little on this subject doing a search. Always enjoy your work! Hi Bob. I can select categories but the products box is blank. That is odd, if you have published products. All I can guess is that there is some plugin conflict, although that seems like a strange one.

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I would check to see if everything is updated, and also if you added or updated any plugin recently, that could very well be the culprit. I was wondering if there is a way to set up coupons to only apply to product price but not shipping? I have a site with touristic offers. I have a question.

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And if he pays over two weeks close to the departure date , he pays the full price. How can be implemented through coupons? In woocommerce the variable price is only possible for a single period dates. But in my case, I want 3 different payment periods. So, these coupons can be applied based on period dates? Thank you! There are plugins out there that do conditional logic on the cart, I believe I have one on this site if you search.

Cannot say for sure if that will do the trick, but my thoughts it this will take more than the coupon functionality offers. Depends on how your homepage is set up. What theme you are using. Where you want it on the homepage. What should it look like. Unfortunately too many variables to be answered in a commment. Thank widget areas on your homepage.

Or if you are using a page builder, a spot for those. You will just need to get a bit creative and how you want to deliver this. You basically created a coupon and decide who you make it available. How much you limit the usage, exposure is up to you. Happy to explain more if you could give me an example of what you are wanting to do. I need to be able to use the same coupon code whether the customer chooses one time purchase or autopay. Is this possible?

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When you say autopay, is this a subscription model? For example, the Subscription extension for Woo works seamlessly with it and will integrate coupons into it.

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Something else? Well, you would need to see how that works.

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Often if it is integrated into Woo, subscriptions should show as an option in the coupon settings or somewhere. I just created a couple of coupons in woocommerce for wordpress and set the usage limit to unlimited use of coupon by everyone, but only one use per customer. And not sure why they show what they do there. So as long as you have a limit per user, it will work. Unfortunately, I find that in most cases like this you need someone to preview your settings and also to see if there is some other conflict.

Hard to answer via a blog comment. Thanks for the tutorial. Coupons are a great way to drive sales to your business. I always had a thought of creating an eCommerce store with WordPress. But, still not able to decide whether to go with WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads because both are quality plugins. And that is a decision that I have known a lot of people have had to make.