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You can tether, but the same speed restrictions apply.

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There are also restrictions when roaming, with you currently capped at Related reading: Virgin Mobile Review and Coverage. We've handpicked the best unlimited data SIM only deals on the market today. They are only in place to identify commercial usage, so those using the plans for legitimate personal usage should not worry about them as they aren't really relevant. Speeds restricted to kbps after 9GB usage and tethering not permitted. The other UK networks currently don't offer unlimited data.

The best SIM only deals in October 12222

However, many do have high data limits. Note also that there are restrictions to data use when roaming which vary based on your usual data limit and how much you pay each month. You can find a guide to these here. It also has data-only plans with up to 30GB. You can use all of your data for tethering or roaming. However, if you use more than 15GB per billing cycle while roaming, a surcharge may be applied.

BT also has an Extra Speed service, giving you twice the speed of standard 4G.

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You can use this data to tether if you also subscribe to its Premier service. All plans come with 4G speeds as standard. You can use any or all of this for tethering and up to 15GB for free roaming. You can also get up to 50GB of data with a tablet. You can use as much of this as you want for tethering or roaming. Sky Mobile offers standard 4G speeds.

You can use as much of your data as you want for tethering and you can also roam at no extra cost in the EU, but there your data is in many cases restricted, though the exact amount you can use will depend on your plan.

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Ctrl Mobile briefly offered an unlimited data plan, but at the time of writing its plans top out at 30GB. However, this can all be used for tethering or roaming. Smarty deals offer even better value and come on flexible 1-month plans, but don't come with worldwide roaming or 5G at no extra cost. EE's unlimited plans cost significantly more than some of the other networks, but they have great coverage and speeds, so are worth considering, especially for those in areas with bad mobile coverage. This article was written completely independently, see more details here. The quality of each network is also something customers need to take into consideration. While EE was crowned the winner in all five, Vodafone was shown to outperform Three in each.

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The SIM card carries your phone number, contacts list, and text messages, making it easy to swap to a new phone. If you're ending your existing contract and want to keep your number while moving onto another network's SIM-only deal you can. However, if you're moving to a SIM-only deal on the same network you may have to change number.

SIM Only Deals, Plans and Contracts

To find out how much data you use each month, simply log into your account with your provider, check how much data you use each month and buy a SIM-only plan accordingly. Some SIM-only providers, such as Voxi , offer unlimited social media data too, which means you might get through a little less data than normal. You'd think companies would try and lure customers in by giving them lower prices on month SIM-only contracts, but that's not necessarily the case.

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  • After examining comparable SIM-only contracts on price comparison sites, we've noticed there's much correlation between length of contract and lower prices. The decision to get a short-term or a long-term SIM-only contract should be made on a case-by-case basis. The size you'll need depends on your phone and should be made clear in your handset's instruction manual.